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AE Systems - Ambassador Enterprises, Inc. - has been a respected systems contracting firm since 1969. We design and install the specialized systems in buildings and stadiums that enhance their functionality, and allow people to make connections.

Everyone makes connections - whether it's a sports announcer in a coliseum, a patient in a hospital room, a minister in a pulpit, or a teacher in a classroom reaching out to students.

Today, state-of-the-art technology greatly enhances our ability to make connections. It's AE Systems' job to design systems which help you easily interact with both people and technology. Soothing music in a doctor's office... controls which automatically lower a screen and turn down the lights in a conference room as a presentation begins... intercom announcements which can be clearly heard and understood over the din of airport noise or a hockey game. Helping people communicate is our business.

AE Systems - Systems for Connecting!